Leonardo de Biase – Founder & Partner – BBL

Working with Games/IT/E-Sports since 1998. Founder of CPL Latin America, worked with all major E-sports leagues like World Cyber Games and Electronic Sports World Cup.

To this date deeply involved into the Latin American gaming scenario holding strong relationships with publishers, developers, e-sports organizations, influencers and other companies that are a part of the ecosystem.

Creative thinker, team builder / manager, business / partnership developer. Sales and ROI oriented

Help built 65 i-cafes in Brazil as a part of a franchise for gamers
Created the first National Gaming League – Monkey League

Headed the startup operation of a German gaming company in Brazil through P & L deployment and growth business plan

Sound experience with: planning, finance, marketing, sales, social, public relations, human resources.

I love empowering others with new tools and skills; understanding insight, and clarity are the metrics by which I measure my success. This resulted from my deep practice of team playing, knowledge of my audience and the products I’ve dealt with.

I’m a public speaker and out of the box thinker. I have a history of managing large and small teams. Project development and implementation became one of my favorite challenges.

Leo De Biase – Founder & Partner – BBL

Leo De Biase is a founding partner of BBL, born in 2018. The executive came from a period of more than four years at NVIDIA, where he was responsible for the areas of Consumer Marketing and Public Relations for Latin America. Before that, De Biase also worked with other large companies in the sector, including ESL, Bigpoint and Level Up! Games. Operating in the segment since 1998, he was a pioneer in the segment of “Lan Houses” in Brazil and an esports enthusiast, became a reference in the market for consultancy and lectures and in his involvement when it comes to sector regulation.

Leo De Biase – Founder & Partner – BBL

Leo De Biase es socio fundador de BBL, nacido en 2018. El ejecutivo venía de un período de más de cuatro años en NVIDIA, donde fue responsable de las áreas de Consumer Marketing y Relaciones Públicas para Latinoamérica. Antes de eso, De Biase también trabajó con otras grandes empresas del sector, como ESL, Bigpoint y Level Up! Juegos. Actuando en el segmento desde 1998, fue pionero en el segmento de “Lan Houses” en Brasil y aficionado a los esports, se convirtió en referencia en el mercado de consultoría y conferencias y en su actuación en materia de regulación del sector.